Palante The Young Lords Party is the first book by and about the Young Lords. It features political essays by members, oral histories, and photographs that capture the spirit and actions of the movement.

In 1969, a group of young, primarily Puerto Rican, activists established the Young Lords chapter in New York City taking inspiration from the Black Panther Party and the Chicago Young Lords. Organizing directly in New York City communities, the Young Lords took up issues from the lack of affordable housing to police brutality, did street garbage clean ups, ran "serve the people programs," and did door-to-door health care. Dramatic takeovers of institutions brought media and public attention to the socio-economic and political situation of Puerto Ricans, African Americans, and other Latino/as.

Among the book's essays are:

"We're trying to make a society where opportunity is the rule for everybody."
"The Chains that have been taken off slaves' bodies are put back on their minds."

"When you look to any group to find out who's the most oppressed, it's always gonna be the women."
"Before people called me 'spic' they called me 'nigger'."



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This new edition of the long out-of-print classic features the original photographs by Michael Abramson with a new Introduction by Iris Morales.

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Michael Abramson photographed and interviewed the Young Lords starting in 1969. This book includes photographs, essays, and transcribed interviews with New York City members. (72 pages.)

In the name of the Young Lords Party, its proceeds from book sales will be donated to nonprofit organizations working with Puerto Rican youth in the United States.